Team Jabberwocky is a media production company based in the DMV. We produce films, audio theater, and related media. Plus, in addition to telling our stories, we help other folks tell their tales.

Team J was founded in 2005 with the simultaneous goals of producing engaging short films as well as producing Stonehenge Auditions: a mass audition for film and video in the DMV. Essentially, we tell stories and help others tell stories.

Currently, Team J has several program areas:

Stonehenge Auditions
Team J’s best-known program is a recurring mass audition: essentially what some have called “speed-casting” where over 100 actors audition in front of over 50 producers through the course of a day. Between this event and Stonehenge website, this is Team J’s way of helping other filmmakers gather casts for their particular project. You can learn all about it in its own section.

Stonehenge Casting
The web-based answer to Stonehenge Auditions, this online incarnation complements the auditions and allows producers to find and cast performers for not just film and video projects, but any media including theater and promotional events. Its goal is to save time and therefore money in gathering submissions from casting notices and to help producers at any level build and maintain a roster of performers over time. You can learn more and create a free performer profile at its own website.

Jabberwocky Audio Theater (aka JAT).
An audio theater troupe who create original works for the “Theater of the Mind.” We are on the broadcast airwaves and available via podcast as of 2018. Learn more at JAT’s own website.

Team J Films
We have worked done short films and web series, often in fantastical genres such as fantasy and science fiction. Currently, we work more with production partners, such as the co-production of the epic fantasy web series The Broken Continent, written and directed by Francis Abbey.

In addition, Team J is heavily involved in strengthening and growing the independent media industry here in the DMV. Our resource section will offer a more detailed 411 for actors and producers new to the area–and we frequently attend and contribute to local events. We look forward to sharing our stories with you.