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[tab1] In 2011, Team J CEO Bjorn Munson was asked by a couple actors about what to expect if they moved to the DC area. He came up with a detailed list of where to start to find gigs, find day work, and so on. An expanded version of that “411” will be here in the next website release. [/tab1]

(Note: We will be expanding this with our next website release, to better answer the general question: how do I cast my project?)

Local Casting Agencies


(Note: In the same spirit as the DMV Actor 411, this section will be expanded in the next website release to include some of the new places you can use to network and connect with your fellow filmmakers, etc.)

Local Film Groups & Professional Organizations


Audio Theater Resources (i.e., sites that we’ve used for Jabberwocky Audio Theater)

  • SFXsource: SFXsource.com provides thousands of professional sound effects and royalty free music tracks for download.
  • Audio Drama Directory: A place to find all sorts of modern audio theater, includeing JAT.
  • Audio Drama Talk: A place to talk about the aforementioned all sorts of audio theater.



Oh, just you wait, we have great plans for this space…