Event Information Page

Wherein you learn all sorts of important facts about the 2019 auditions
which are sponsored by Women in Film & Video (WIFV) and the Television, Internet, and Video Association (TIVA) and produced by Team J.


  • Session One: Monday, March 4th (sponsored by WIFV/during their Narrative Directors’ Roundtable)
  • Session Two: Thursday, March 28th (sponsored by WIFV/during their Talent Roundtable)
  • Session Three: Wednesday, April 17th (sponsored by TIVA)

LOCATION: Interface Media Group, Washington, DC

WHAT: Mass Audition for Film and Video. You will want to check out the Actor FAQ and the Producer FAQ even if you’ve attended before. There are significant format changes since 2018…

Note: Actors must pre-register for this event as audition slots are assigned by lottery.
Only producers may attend as a walk-in.

All registration for both sessions will be done through the partner organization websites (WIFV and TIVA).

Timeline for all Sessions:

  • January 2019: Registration for both Session One and Session Two opens on the WIFV website.
  • January/February 2019: Registration for Session Three opens on the TIVA website.
  • Friday, February 22nd at 1:00pm: Actor Registration for Session One closes (on WIFV website)
  • Monday, February 25th: Actor Lottery Results for Session One Sent (from Team Jabberwocky)
  • Monday, March 4th: Stonehenge Auditions 2018, Session One (Actors, don’t forget your release).
  • Monday, March 18th at 1:00pm: Actor Registration for Session Two closes (on the WIFV website)
  • Thursday, March 21st: Actor Lottery Results for Session Two Sent (from Team Jabberwocky)
  • Thursday, March 28th: Stonehenge Auditions 2018, Session Two (Actors, don’t forget your release).
  • Monday, April 8th at 1:00pm: Actor Registration for Session Three closes (on the TIVA website)
  • Wednesday, April 10th: Actor Lottery Results for Session Three Sent (from Team Jabberwocky)
  • Wednesday, April 17th: Stonehenge Auditions 2018, Session Three (Actors, don’t forget your release).
  • (No later than) Tuesday, April 30th: Videos from all sessions uploaded to Stonehenge Auditions YouTube channel

All the Information You Wanted to Know, But Were Afraid To Ask:
(psst: you should check it out even if you didn’t already want to know)

Actor FAQ

Producer FAQ

We look forward to seeing you at the Henge!