Stonehenge Auditions are a series of videotaped auditions held every Spring in the Washington, DC area. Instead of speed-dating, this is “speed-casting.” Actors will perform a monologue in front of 30 or more producers looking to cast films and related video projects in the near future. Most importantly, these monologues are videotaped and added to our YouTube channel of over 800 audition videos. Producers can then see multiple actors they may call in to read for a specific part.

Since we began the auditions in 2005, both aspiring and commercial filmmakers have used Stonehenge to help cast over 1,500 roles in over 600 projects. These projects include training films, commercials, web series, student films, indie features, and dozens of entries in the 48 Hour Film Project and similar film competitions.

Learn more about the nitty gritty details in both our Actor FAQ and Producer FAQ.

Our current year’s worth of auditions is always available on this site and through the shortcut And remember, if you click on that link and you see old information and no upcoming audition dates, that means we haven’t set them yet.