Testing is underway and we’re eager to get the next version of Stonehenge Casting up and running.

Barring kaiju attacks or other unforeseen events, we plan to launch the latest version of the site in June. Okay, July. Fine, August. Maybe a bit of September, just let us get the goodness up, okay?

Update: We have had a kaiju attack. Okay, not exactly, but our development team did feel a little like the Golden Gate Bridge due to some coding issues.

For actors and other performers, this is a pretty hefty update, including:

  • A new Vocal and Language Skills section including details for voiceover artists and polyglots
  • A new Physical and Athletic Skills section including details about martial arts and stunt abilities
  • Veteran status
  • Active Security Clearances
  • Plus additional space for more sample clips of your work

For Producers, we’re doing some “renovations” to your side of the site and including some goodies along the way, including:

  • An improved Project Module
  • Improved Folder Organization
  • New searchable fields (hint: see vocal, language, athletic, and martial arts skills above)

We’ll confirm the exact time as we get closer to the launch date, but feel free to go ahead and update your free Stonehenge profile now, because:

  1. Actors wishing to attend the in-person Stonehenge Auditions will need to register through Stonehenge Casting
  2. 30 days after launch, we will start de-activating all Actor/Performer profiles that haven’t been updated in a year

Keep watching here, the TwitterVerse, and that FaceSpace site for additional information about Version 0.4 of Stonehenge Casting.