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Union/Non-Union Casting for Fantasy Web Series – All Roles Paid

Ciscovaras Pictures and award-winning director Francis Abbey, in conjunction with Team Jabberwocky and Cavegirl Productions, are seeking over 40 actors for its production of “The Broken Continent” — an epic fantasy web series set in a land torn apart by a vengeful god where ambitious men vie for dominion and both nobles and commoners struggle to survive.

The “pilot set”  of webisodes will tentatively be shot near the DC area this September under a SAG New Media Entertainment Contract, so both union and non-union are invited to apply. Depending on the role, costume fittings and fight rehearsals will occur before the principal photography in September.

The list of roles is below. All roles will be paid. Whether you are interested in a principal, stunt, OR background role, please email us at with:
*Your resume (PDF, .doc, or .docx only)
*A small headshot (100k or less in size, please)
* What role(s) you are interested in.

Actors will be called in for auditions in DC on Sunday, May 20th and Monday, May 21st to read from sides provided beforehand. Callbacks will be Sunday, June 3rd and Monday, June 4th.

Roles that require stage combat experience are noted below. Also, there are many cultures across The Broken Continent, so the ability to do accents is a plus for just about all the roles.

Learn more about the world of the Broken Continent on our Facebook page at:


(30s to 50s, Male) Younger peer of Lord Forthwind, a gaunt-faced, honorable man, troubled by the war in the realm and skeptical of magic. Stage combat experience a plus.

(Late 30s to 50s, Male) Intelligencer and subtly scheming advisor to King Eadwyn.

(20s to 30s, Female), Young, empathetic healer of the Women of the Wood who urges the group take sides in the war. Stage combat experience preferred.

(30s to 60s, Male) Enigmatic and conniving sorcerer from a far land. Stage combat experience a plus.

(20s to early 30s, Male) Young, energetic and dashing king who hungers to unite the lands under his rule. Stage combat experience required.

(50s to 60s, Male) A graying veteran of both the battlefield and court, he wrestles between his loyalty to the king he serves or the realm he has served longer. Stage combat experience a plus.

(40s to 60s, Male) Stocky leader of the lords in rebellion, a principled if stubborn man.

(20s to 40s, Female) Short-haired, sharp-featured scout of the Women in the Wood. A woman of few words, but great humility and dedication to her adopted family. Stage combat experience a plus.

(20s to 30s, Male) Battle-scarred man-at-arms in the service of Lord Frewin. Stage combat experience a plus.

(20s to early 30s, Female) Practical peasant woman and de facto leader of a band of refugees, she is driven to guarantee their safety. Stage combat experience preferred.

(20s to 30s, Female) Beautiful, foreign-born Queen and wife to King Eadwyn. She has begun to fear for the future of both her marriage and the realm.

(20s to 40s, Female) Steadfast foreigner serving as an experienced Warden of the Wood. Stage combat experience required.

(Late 20s to 40s, Female) Refugee peasant and mother unafraid to speak her mind. Stage combat experience a plus.

Prince Boric
(CHILD: 2 – 5, Male) Carefree child of King Eadwyn and Queen Malkyn. Cherubic cuteness required.

(40s to 50s, Female) Sturdy and serious-minded Warden of the Wood and bodyguard to Ysmay. Stage combat experience required.

(20s to 30s, Male) Young knight in the service of Lord Forthwind. Loyal, trustworthy, and a skilled horseman. Stage combat experience preferred.

(7 roles needed, 20s to 50s, Male or Female ) Members of the Order of the Ebon Spider: Skilled scouts, assassins and saboteurs who sell their blades to the highest bidder. Stage combat experience required.

(30s to 40s, Male) Self-assured, permanently smirking lord and military advisor to King Eadwyn. He is eager to earn his own glory. Stage combat experience preferred.

(late 20s to 50s, Male) A massive, hard-looking man whose skill on the battlefield is legendary. Stage combat experience required.

(50s to 60s, Female) Gray-haired healer and leader of the Women of the Wood. She works to guide her people as the war draws closer. Stage combat experience a plus.

Armored Knights
(EXTRA/BACKGROUND – 4 needed, 20s to 40s, Male) Followers of Lord Frewin. Athletic, though perhaps looking as if they’ve missed a few meals.

Eadwyn’s Lords
(EXTRA/BACKGROUND – 4 needed, 30s to 60s, Male) A mixture of athletic knights and well-fed courtiers of King Eadwyn.

Peasant Women
(EXTRA/BACKGROUND – 3 needed, 30s to 60s, Female)

Peasant Children
(EXTRA/BACKGROUND – 2 needed, 5-12, Male or Female)

(EXTRA/BACKGROUND – 4 needed, 30s to 60s, Male or Female) Wounded and recovering civilians who have escaped the war.

Second (Duel)
(EXTRA/BACKGROUND – 1 needed, 20s to 40s, Male) An armored knight, follower of Lord Frewin, perhaps a bit more athletic looking than his compatriots.

Women of the Wood
(EXTRA/BACKGROUND – 2 needed, 30s to 60s, Female) Women who now make a life for themselves in Ironleaf Forest


  1. admin

    Response to the casting call has been overwhelming.

    Thanks to the actors who alerted us to the messages of our mailbox being full in the wee hours Thursday morning.

    Without getting too technical. Our primary mailbox was full, but we got all of your headshots and resumes in our secondary mailbox. We’ve cleared up the issue, so hopefully no one will get any error messages moving forward.

    If you are at all concerned as to whether we received your materials (it should have only affected people from about 12 midnight to 9am), please feel free to query us at and we will respond as soon as we were able.

  2. admin

    This is Bjorn, the casting director for Broken Continent.

    The response from all you actors has excited us here with the production crew as much as it’s been overwhelming. We’re confident we can get a top notch cast for what is a very ambitious production.

    Two things I wanted to note: First, if you’re an actor and you haven’t submitted already, please go ahead and submit.

    Second, and this falls into the “tough love” category: PLEASE be mindful of the size of your headshot. I listed 100k for a reason.

    We don’t need to print your headshot out and 100k is more than big enough to see what you look like on a computer or mobile device. Many of you have done this, but far too many of you have sent us honkin’ 6mb headshots. In case you were wondering why our primary mailbox filled up, that’s why: people didn’t follow directions.

    Now, we DO NOT need any of you to resend a smaller size headshot at this time, I simply ask that those of you might not know how to resize your photos, please learn for next time. Following directions makes casting easier and, more importantly, not following directions makes baby pandas cry. I can abide tough jobs, but not panda abuse.

    Okay, tongue out of cheek. Thanks for reading and we’ll see many of you soon.

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