With a new venue, new technology, and not having done the in-person auditions in over four years, we have to admit we were a bit nervous about bringing the in-person Stonehenge Auditions back.

But we’re happy to report the feedback has been tremendously positive — enough so we’ll probably do it again next year, especially if we have the same support team we had this time. And yes, making the event seem this smooth takes a lot of people.

We have to thank Women in Film and Video (WIFV), specifically Melissa Houghton and Ariel Magno, for helping with both the venue and registration. (On the venue front, we were made very welcome at Source Theatre thanks to Jennifer Osborn and Gordon Nimmo-Smith).

Jeanette and Meredith were the dynamic duo checking actors in with Ariel of WIFV checking in producers (Beforehand, Maurice, Sonja, and Jimi were helping with Stonehenge Casting registration). Phil, Richard, Gale, and Brooks were your resume wranglers. Inside the theater, operations were handled by Bill, Francis, and Kelley of Tohubohu Productions, Ciscovaras Pictures, and Cavegirl Productions respectively — with Bjorn as the timer.

As mentioned at the event, we aim to post the audition videos on our YouTube channel by the end of the month.

And finally, thanks to all the actors and producers who joined us at the Henge!