Just like last year, Team J has been approached to help cast some student films.

Therefore, we’re creating rosters of actors who are interested and available for student films during March, April, and May 2016.

You can learn more about Team J’s use of ‘actor rosters’ here.

While each project is different, we expect most of these films will be shot under a SAG-AFTRA Student Film agreement. Most films will have deferred pay. If actors are paid, it will probably be no more than $125 per 8-hour day. In other words, actors are doing this for what will hopefully be a great acting experience with a talented, aspiring filmmaker.

Team J is collecting actor submissions via Stonehenge Casting. Please create or update your actor profile (it’s free) and be sure to note any schedule conflicts you have for March, April, or May 2016. We expect most shooting to be done in March and early April.

Once your actor profile is updated, submit to one or more of the casting notices below:

General Call: Principal and Speaking Parts for Student Films, Union Agreement – Spring 2016

General Call: Principal and Speaking Parts for Student Films, No Union Agreement – Spring 2016

General Call: Background Performers for Student Films, Union Agreement – Spring 2016

General Call: Background Performers for Student Films, No Union Agreement – Spring 2016

Which casting notices should I submit for?
You can submit for one notice or all of them — depending on your interest. You’re basically pre-qualifying yourself as interested in this type of work (student films) for this period of time (March, April, May 2016).

What should I put in the “Roles” field?
Since we have not character breakdowns, we suggest some variant of your logline.

When will I hear back from Team J?
You might not hear from us at all — at least not until June 1st.

When we are casting a particular film, we may do a specific casting notice and ask you to submit for it — or we might just contact you and ask you to come in and audition.

But that’s all based on what roles the scripts call for and how well we think you fit said roles.

In Team J tradition, we will follow up with everyone who submitted at the end of the casting period whether or not they were cast (in this case, after May 31st).

Should I put these dates on ‘soft hold’?
Absolutely not.

By submitting to the notices above, you are not on hold, “first refusal,” or anything like that. Keep on looking for work as you see fit.

Team J creates these general calls to help us cast projects quicker by pre-qualifying actors who are interested and available. However, we haven’t offered you a job and you haven’t accepted. You’ve simply said you’d be up for this type of work for this time period. If something works out, great. If not, no worries.

What if you ask me to audition for a particular project and it’s not my thing?
Say no thanks.

By putting your virtual hat in the ring for these as-yet-undefined student films doesn’t mean you’re saying yes to appear in any of them.

Some scripts may not be your thing. We’re establishing the general type of work (student films), the general payscale ($100 to probably deferred for all eternity), and time period (March, April, May 2016).

What if my availability changes during March, April, or May 2016?
Please update your availability in your profile as soon as you know.

Note, we’d love you to keep your availability calendar up-to-date on Stonehenge Casting not just for this project, but for any project we or other filmmakers are casting.

If you are not available because you’ve actually heeded our advice sought work in addition to this general casting notice, congrats! Feel free to submit to future general calls.


Other questions? Send them to casting@teamjabberwocky.com.